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Book Art: Exhibition On and Made of Books + Graffiti Moon cover

I have Lins at Bibliophile Brouhaha (via Shelf Awareness) to thank for pointing this awesome new permanent exhibition at the Children’s Book Museum in Hague called Papiria: Land of Books. The horizontal, gravity-only book stacking is very similar to the work of artist Adam Bateman which I was able to see in person at my local university library in May.

Ironically the 40,000+ printed books form the walls for the interactive, digital part of the exhibition that allows kids to design their own storybook characters on computers. Apparently this is how you get kids to read actual books these days – through digital means. :)

Secondly, I realize this is old news (thanks to the posts by Jess at Tales Compendium and Sandy at Pirate Penguin Reads), but the US cover and release date for the Aussie YA contemporary novel Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley were revealed while I was on vacation. I was one of the lucky ones who got to read this in May as part of the Go Aussie Book Tours and I adored it. I’m in the minority here but at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the US cover because I was so accustomed to the minimal, graphic feel of the Aussie cover. That it was just a neon yellow spray paint can made it stand out from the crowd of photo covers. After seeing it around however the US cover has definitely grown on me. The image is lovely and represents the book very well. I’m not in love with the font and overall look of the title yet though. Here are the two covers side-by-side:

Most interestingly there were a few changes made to the content in the US edition, which I’m really curious see. But, really, there was no question that I wouldn’t be adding this to my cart come February 12! This book was such a cool read guys, I hope you do too. :D

What do you think of the exhibition and the two different covers?