Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

It’s not surprising that mechanic Mercedes Thompson is struggling to make ends meet. She spends so much of her time fighting vampires and settling pack issues that she’s not always full-time at the shop.  Between working weekdays and weekends, she somehow finds time to go on dates with Adam and run errands.  Mercy’s life seems to be stabilizing when she makes a routine stop at fae librarian Phin Brewster’s apartment to return and old and rare book.  Instead she finds him missing, with little clues to his whereabouts.   Turns out the book has power that the more ambitious fae are after.  Meanwhile Sam is a little down and has let his wolf take over.  Between convincing Sam he has reasons to live, resolving ever-present pack dominance issues and investigating Phin’s disappearance, Mercy is realizing this has more to do with her than she thought.

It was very comforting to be back in Mercy’s world.  Patricia Brigg’s smooth writing and sarcastic wit are an ease and pleasure to read.  I continue to love Mercy’s place in the supernatural community.  There are always new complications and unforeseen benefits to a lone shapeshifter’s presence in Adam’s pack. The range in fae types and magic are central to the plot in this one, and I’m continually surprised by the limitless possibilities.  Silver Borne sheds more light on witches, takes us to an otherworld, and introduces us to forest lords.  As much as I enjoyed the new fae I couldn’t help but feel something was missing in this installment.  Blood Bound was what hooked me to this series, and Stefan is one of my favorite characters.  Mercy needs a friend outside the pack, and I need the vampires to temper the werewolves.  The aggression involved in werewolf politics has fleeting interest for me and disapproval with Mercy’s alpha status amongst certain pack members is a major plot point in this book.  This is also probably the reason why I secretly wished Mercy had chosen Sam, who is more dominant than Adam but doesn’t have to deal with pack business.  I had also read somewhere that Silver Borne was to be Sam’s book, and to my chagrin he took a backseat to the development of the pack/fae plots.  While resolving the pack challenges was a little tedious and I wished the first half of the book had been as exciting, I was able to enjoy the intriguing and unpredictable set-up to the conclusion. The resolution to the main bad guy was a little anticlimactic and felt rushed, but it was still awesome Mercy at her best. Although it wasn’t my favorite book of the series here’s hoping for the return of Stefan and the vampires in Mercy #6.

Reading Order: Magic Bites, Magic Burns, Magic Strikes, Magic Bleeds

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